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  • Delusion and Illusion January 31, 2019
    You breathe – you live:) Human Body has many processes which runs in the background without your mindful knowledge! The working mechanism of the human body is absolutely incredible. Purely unconditional (thumbs up) If you are mentally courageous and maintain the habit to be responsive to the situation. You tend to enjoy life. You are […]
  • 15 Benefits of Sports: Mental + Physical December 22, 2018
    Childhood was fun and the days went by doing absolutely nothing! The foundation of the individual is set up right from the childhood. As we grow up, stress and pressure devours the entire ‘I’ and we submit ourselves to the situation. Brain Drain, stress, life struggles, peer pressures, draining relationships and poor mental health.  Forget all of […]
  • Effective methods for Healthy Body + Mind December 2, 2018
    Reason 1,2,3,4….. goes on and on to convince the present state of miserable behavior. Human mind tends to fall down again and once more. It’s a potent substance and is active on its own. Human mind needs to be trained and tamed. The moment you set it loose you are on a troll of your […]
  • Top 9 reasons why every woman should take Self-defense classes November 16, 2018
    “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”– B.K.S. Iyengar We have been training women and youth through series of workshops. The curriculum keeps changing as per the need of the participant. We believe […]
  • Jal Neti : Why should you do it Daily? November 15, 2018
    Before you start reading – recall how the traditions, cultures and practices from the past is gradually picking up the speed. Technology, ignorance, time-pressed, and more importantly find short-cuts all the time have ultimately screwed up the human body.  When nothing works, Yoga – Meditation – Spirituality – Ayurveda and age old practices are frantically […]
  • Self-Analysis – Oh! C’mon! July 27, 2018
    Self-analysis should be practiced on a continual basis. You should be your most ethical critics – only then you can over come those hurdles called, LIFE. Let’s look at this in a alternative way. Right from childhood we are taught to compete with others, we are given commands [not instructions] to be the best and […]
  • Common Man + Digital World June 26, 2018
    Technology, Mobile, Digital World, Digital Economic, Social Media and the Common Man of India. Developing countries had list of failures strongly webbed and at the same time it does have a list of success stories. However, the eyes and ears go for the failures in most of the cases. Positive attitude is a flavor of […]
  • Better mental health: Karate and Meditation May 21, 2018
    It’s substantial that the awareness of karate and its in-depth power is being felt by everyone. Karate is nothing but it enlightens you to talk with oneself and give you the authority to defend yourself. It’s an open hand technique which in combinations and perfection is a lethal weapon. The process of self-realization of what […]
  • Body wreck’s Mind : Never ending Pain, Heart-break and Trauma April 18, 2018
    Whenever the Balance is compromised the consequences are dangerous. Within all are capacity and capabilities we work hard to achieve the respective aim set in life. This can be being an expert in Yoga, Martial Arts, Music, Sports, Work, Business, Cooking, Driving, Swimming, Body building and anything of your respective choice. Apart from the daily […]
  • Power of Mind – Brain हो गया Drain  March 8, 2018
    Finding peace or say balance in life is the most difficult. Every individual has got a different tuning and perception. It’s not fair to compareWh others. Why don’t we try to analyze our own self and try to understand how can we be at peace, calm and quite? Perception and reception plays a vital role […]