Our Programs

Renew You


anandkoti (111K)Renew you' is a holistic approach based on the amalgamation of karate and meditation, which uses the Discipline, Energy and Action of the art to address full continuum of emotional and physical issues of an employee.

The four R's - Revitalize, Recharge, Rejuvenate and Refresh are the four cornerstones of 'Renew You' Karate Classes.

Through this programme, Anand Koti aims at improving the productivity of the employees by reducing common health risk factors like obesity, back pain, stress and anxiety and providing them with a better body control, improved postures and a heightened self-awareness. Thereby, strengthening the entire body, mind and soul.

Special Camp


anandkoti (111K)Holidays and vacations are the best time when parents choose for workshops that would enrich the child.

We have specially designed workshops that has amalgamation of karate and meditation. These workshops would not only help the child be physically strong it would also make him psychologically strong. These workshops would also have art and craft and life-skills workshops. Creating a holistic project.

Self-Defense Workshop

anandkoti (111K)As a trained martial artist, Koti imparts self-defense workshops for women and girls at schools, colleges and housing societies as per the need.

He has 6 days and a 10 days self-defense workshop as per the need of the individual and organization.

These workshops would help the individual be strong, composed and ready.

Meditation is also a part our of curriculum, which would induce calmness and reduce stress.


We do offer a services to upcoming NGO's, corporate, small-scale industries, schools and educational institutions on CSR projects, educational and women empowerment projects.