How would you say you are different?

Our workshops are carefully designed as per the need of the individual. All the curriculums have an amalgamation of meditation and karate. Special attention is given to the physical body, flexibility and better mental health.

Do you guys do one day workshop?


Can we take photographs/videos?

Yes - you can. We would also take photographs - we have equal opportunity to share the photographs and videos.

I don't want my photograph to be shared?

Okay - your identity would be respected.

Can we have a women trainer?

We would have women trainer accompany as and when you ask for. However these trainers would work along side with me under my guidance so that you get the maximum benefit

Do you provide online training?

Yes - we do. Write us and we would be happy to discuss with you

Do you provide workshop in a school?

Yes - we can surly conduct a workshop. We would be more than happy for the same.

Are you willing to travel outside Pune for one-day workshops and for other week long workshops that you have?

Passion has no barriers. Yes, we love to travel. However we need to plan in advance!

Do you do have other workshops apart from the one mentioned on the website?

If you are thinking something different or have a theme. Yes - we are open. Let's talk.

How is your pricing distributed?

Every assignment is different with some special requirements. Every workshops demands something different. None of them are same in terms of skills, time and curriculum. It's a dedicated effort to bring upon the soul and connect. Itís the hard work to detox and to make the individual feel high physically and psychologically as well.

Do you negotiate or discounts? How do we pay?

We are not atypical karate class who is into belt grading system, or taking the participants for kumetie or kata tournaments. We are totally into creating a better environment for the individual with holistic efforts. For the one-day workshop the entire payment needs to be done before the workshop. Rest of the workshops - Half payment before the workshop starts and other half after the workshop.